Two co2 60 gr. cylinders with sens07tube

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The CO₂ cylinder must be replaced after each inflation (automatic or manual inflation).

The buoyancy of an inflated sens07vest decreases with depth. With this 60 gr CO₂ cylinder we recommend a maximum diving depth of 30 meters (98 feet), which corresponds to 50% of the maximum buoyancy (7.5 kg of 15kg). See chapter Buoyancy for more information.

We are able to send you these two CO₂ cylinders by adding the sens07tube in order to ship you a complete and functional "Buoyancy aid" which doesn't need to be shipped as "Dangerous Goods". Please note that we offer the CO₂ cylinders and sens07tube package as a special service for customers without any possibility to purchase individual CO₂ cylinders from a local dealer. If possible, we recommend purchasing the CO₂ cylinder from a local dealer (see list).

For sens07vest automatic owner:
Please don't forget to purchase two actuators as well - in case you are automatically inflating the sens07vest (manual inflation by pulling the handle doesn't need the actuator).

TARES customs tariff number: 6307.2090

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