sens07vest components

CO2 cylinder providing the gas volume to inflate the yellow bladder up to 50 meter depth. There are  60gr. or 95gr. CO2 cylinder available.
Needs to be replaced after inflation.

sens07 base unit connects the CO2 cylinder, actuator and sens07 inflator to the bladder and is equipped with an emergency handle allowing manual inflation at any time.

Actuator gives the thrust to pierce the CO2 cylinder for inflation.
Needs to be replaced after inflation.

sens07 inflator head contains the sensors, microcomputer, battery, self-test button, LEDs and receiver for configuration by the sens07 app.


There are two CO2 cylinders available (60gr. and 95gr.) allowing different diving depth.

The buoyancy generated by an inflated sens07vest is shown on the left table.


The maximal buoyancy of about 15kg is generated on 10m resp. 22m depth.

Greater depth will reduce the buoyancy.

We recommend a maximal depth of 30m resp. 50m in order to get at least 50% buoyancy performance.

Buoyancy demonstration

Thank you Peter Colat for your support!