The sens07vest manual is a floating device to get free diver and spear fisher back to the surface. The manual version doesn’t contain the sens07 inflator, so inflation must be triggered manual by pulling the cord.

The manual version can be upgraded later to the automatic version (see upgrade kit).

The manual version is designed for special application like security divers needing additional uplift as soon as in contact with the free diver.

This sens07vest comes with one built-in 95gr. CO2 cylinder, but can be rearmed with a 60gr. CO2 cylinder as well.


We give 2 years warranty on the product.

SVM95 - sens07vest manual

  • Package content

    • The sens07vest
    • A solide bag to store and transport the product
    • One build-in 95gr CO2 cylinder (can be shipped without "Dangerous Good" declaration)
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