ProVitaTec Ltd

Originally founded as a sole proprietorship company in 2009, the company has been transformed to a fully paid-in Swiss joint-stock company in 2017 in order to support the international promotion of the sens07 technology.

ProVitaTec Ltd. is a Swiss electronics engineering and manufacturing company based in Mannedorf, greater Zurich area, Switzerland.


By providing smart water safety solutions based on modern sensor, computer and smartphone technologies, ProVitaTec aims to improve the protection against drowning for water sports like spear-fisher, free-diver, kite-surfer, wave-surfer and for any other water sports.


The ProVitaTec team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer science, electronics, materials sciences and mechanical engineering. The management team consisting of two professionals has combined business & management experience of 23 years and has a proven track records in earlier start-up companies.


Being closely embedded in the high tech eco system of companies in Switzerland and Southern Germany, ProVitaTec takes advantage from highly specialized sub-contractors in the fields of embedded computing system & software development, precision mechanical and plastic engineering and highly competent manufacturers of plastics injection moulding parts as well as electronic and sensor hardware subcomponents.


From its early beginnings, the sens07 technology has been continuously improved and offer now purpose-developed water safety solution for consumer and professional services.


ProVitaTec comes from an entirely different background than traditional life saving equipment providers. With long-standing experience in electronics, sensor technology, robotics and telecommunication, we took an entirely fresh approach to solving the challenges to protect today’s professional, sport and leisure users from drowning.