safety device for freedivers & spearfishers

...saves you from deep troubles...

Diver: Sridar Paramalingam

Automatic inflation at 20m

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The sens07vest is a fully automatic and electronic safety device to get freedivers and spearfishers back to the surface in case of problems such as blackouts or serious medical emergency issues.


This unique device will bring an unconscious or otherwise disabled person to the surface and maintain an upright breathing position.


The safety parameters are user-defined. They are easily configured using the sens07 smartphone app and transferred wirelessly to the sens07vest.

Why do you need the sens07vest?

The sens07vest is equipped with digital technology which continuously monitors your behaviour.  Life-threatening situations are automatically recognized, triggering inflation of the sens07vest, taking you to the surface.

The sens07vest has been designed to give you peace of mind so that you may focus on your sport.


The sens07vest is "always-on". Battery life time is a minimum of 5 years. No ON/OFF switch ensures against user operating error. A green/red light indicates if the sens07vest is in correct operation mode. You are always safe.

Constant monitoring

The sens07 digital technology is "always-on". It constantely monitors you, measuring parameters such as depth and time. It cannot be turned off. The sens07vest is always ready for action.

Airways out of water

Automatic inflation brings the diver back to surface and turn an unconscious diver on his back.

The airways (nose and mouth) are kept out of water.

Configuration by APP

The sens07vest is configured via a simple app for IOS or Android smartphones.

The robust flickering light data transfer technology makes cables, internet or Bluetooth redundant.

Compact design

The compact design of the sens07vest ensures full manoeuvrability without affecting other equipment.

The sens07vest is comfortable to wear and has minimal impact on buoyancy.

User interaction

  • Pressing the sens07 button outside of the water initiates a self-test checking battery state, sensors, actuation module & microprocessor.

  • Holding the sens07 button for 2 seconds switches between three already uploaded user profiles.

  • Imminent inflation can be delayed by pressing the sens07 button underwater, telling the sens07 that the user is in control.

These features can be enabled/disabled or configured via the sens07 app.

Blackout protection

​The sens07vest is now equipped with a blackout detection feature. This is an option and can be activated using the sens07 app. The diver must press an easily accessible button to confirm consciousnes after the dive. The time delay is pre-set by the user via the sens07 app.


If the diver does not press the button during the pre-set time delay, the sens07vest inflates and keeps the airways out of the water.


Spear fisher

Spearfishing is one of the oldest skills in the world. The sens07vest allows you to fully focus on the hunt.


The sport is considered to be relatively dangerous. Safety systems are therefore essential.

The short design of the sens07vest does not interfere with other equipment (knives etc).

Free diver

The sens07vest allows you to pursue your passion with additional security.


Apnea specifically relies upon a peaceful state of mind to maximise dive times. The sens07vest ensures your peace of mind.

A manual pull (red handle) inflates the vest purely mechanically, no electronic involved.

Custom appl.

Bring your new rescue product to life using sens07 technology!

ProVitaTec Ltd is able to quickly adapt the sens07 technology to your product.

Our development team is able to deliver hard- and software prototypes based on sens07 technology rapidly.

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Taking a sens07vest with 2 spare cartridges into an aircraft is allowed.. Please see the FAQ for more detailed information.