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The sens07vest can save lives!

As a diving center instructor or a spearfisher, your safety comes 1st. Using sens07vest can save you from deep troubles!

Equipped with digital technology, it continuously monitors your dive.
Life-threatening situations are automatically recognized triggering the inflation of the vest taking you back to the surface.

The sens07vest has been designed to give you peace of mind so you can fully focus on your sport.

Sens07vest Open.png

Constant Monitoring


Always activated on "ON" mode and ready to use, 7 x 24h, for years. No battery to exchange or recharge, no power switch.

The system is constantly monitoring your dive and brings you back to the surface.

Airways out of water

The 15kg buoyancy brings the diver quickly to the surface. The design of the vest always turns an unconscious diver on his back to keep his airway clear. 

App configuration

Easy configuration using a smartphone app for IOS or Android. Wireless transfer of up to 3 configuration profiles to the sens07vest. Select your profile you need by pushing a button, no smartphone needed.

Compact design


A compact design and minimal impact on buoyancy enables divers to move comfortably and freely without interfering with other pieces of equipment.


Spear fisher


Custom applications